10th March

There was no blog last week as we were away in Birmingham showing Tobi Twist who was over to run balloon workshops for us about. Sad news there will be no blog next week either as I’m away at the Blackpool Balloon Bash. We took Tobi to the Black Country Museum and also Cadbury World, please note these were both his choices but I thoroughly enjoyed the days as well. Olivia joined us on the Sunday for Cadbury World. I have started to post all the pictures from the workshops onto balloon chat, it will take a few days or possibly weeks to add them all, Tobi Twist.

The Blackpool Balloon Bash, (an apt name for the convention 😉  ) has been sold out but I do believe there are a few tickets available if anyone is free next weekend to see Antonio and Phileas. You can contact them from the facebook page, BBB.

Thanks to all who came along to see the Tobi Twist master classes, it was a very enjoyable couple of days. Coming up with have Eric Weinstein in June. Booking details.

Confession Time.
I have applied to have adverts put onto BalloonTube, it will be interesting to see if YouTube push my videos more as they will then make money from them. At the moment I usually get 150 hits on day one and around 300 during the month. I think I have set it up right for adverts but need to be approved. Today I added a spider to the tutorials with a variation on the legs which I feel makes it so much more quicker to add all eight legs for the spider. BalloonTube.

A blatant plug, if anyone would like to purchase balloon product and accessories then this is the website link and we would appreciate your support……………..thank you XXxx.
Balloon Art Wholesale.

All the pictures are finally up from The Florida Super Jam that David Crofts and I attended in early Jan. There are over 400 if you’d like to take a look. Florida Pictures.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with my variation on a design from Masayoshi Matsumoto.
There is a challenge on Balloon Chat and this was one of the
designs we had to attempt. This is the link, Challenge.