10th Feb

We are getting ready for the Blackpool magic convention which is next weekend. We are driving up on Wed, set the stand on Thursday and are open Friday, Saturday and the Sunday. Travelling back on the Monday, I got a new phone last week and got a free Galaxy Tab with it so Zakh is here helping me transfer all my pictures onto the Tab. We have also sorted out a slide show feature so can have the pictures constantly rolling to show some of the designs we have been making recently.

We will be making another semi big build at the convention for people to sit on and get pictures. And no its not another motor bike 😉

I’m still adding pictures from the Florida Super Jam onto balloon chat, possibly about two thirds through at the moment. Florida Pictures.

Looking at having another Sutton Balloon Jam, possibly three or four a year in a small venue
so we can get our latex fix more regularly.

There are quite a few special offers on the website for a variety of balloon products for February. Balloon Art Wholesale.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the Love design I made this week from the
pinch line technique. I see the design and it brings a
smile to my face so hopefully to a few others as well.