Round Shaped Balloons UK

The 5″ and 11″ Qualatex round shaped balloons are the most popular size for the balloon decorator, twister and deco twister to use when twisting. They come in a variety of plain colours, metallic and also printed designs and in the new quick link balloon with the 6″ and 12″ balloon available.

Our Best Selling Round Shaped Balloons UK

Latest Customer Reviews

  • “This is Qualatex's best hand pump to date. does exactly what you need it to do. Two way, smooth operation and fills a 260 in super quick time.”

    -- Twisty Paul

  • “I have been using these since Graham started selling them, i find these easier to work with than its rival balloons!! These are a really tough balloon, yet great to work with. I would recommend giving this balloon in particular a real good stretch before blowing it up, by mouth or pump etc.”

    -- Kenny The Clown (Ireland)

  • “This is the first order I placed order with Graham and it went beyond my expectations! I made my order after 5pm and rang him to ask if the pack could be delivered by asap. Despite the time and the fact that he mentioned he had just returned from the post office, as well as made me aware that the order will have To be sent the following morning, I received an email from him saying that he ran To the post Office again and managed To send it on time. Thanks again,I will certainly reccommend this Service and make My future orders here!”

    -- Simona

  • “Got these today, quick delivery along with the rest of my order and the balloons were in great condition”

    -- Stuart Bayne

  • “i read it as well :)”

    -- Elin