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17 Sep

17th Sept

Here we are then on Sunday 17th Sept writing another balloon blog. What have we been up to then? After getting back form our world tour of the Levett & Lee road show I was catching up on orders, emails etc. All the pictures are up form the Airdrie day, Levett & Lee Road Show.

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10 Sep

10th Sept

It has been a tiring week this week BUT fun! I travelled up to Birmingham Sunday night to stay with Thelma before our drive up to Scotland on Monday for the “Levett & Lee Roadshow” The journey to Scotland was not too bad, took 7 hours but we did stop twice for refreshments and lunch.

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03 Sep

3rd Sept

It was back for the last three days at The Village in Guildford this week, day one was a wash out due to the rain all day long and the venue is outside. We had much better weather for the last two days but numbers watching were not fantastic, oh to do some advertising and

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27 Aug

27th Aug

Just back from a day’s balloon modelling down in Swindon, I thought it was at a shopping centre but it was more of an alley way cut through with a couple of eating outlets and a cinema complex. It was enjoyable as it was pretty quiet so everyone got a rather over the top balloon design

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20 Aug

20th Aug

It’s Sunday and blog time, so what have I been up to this week? Not a lot, I spent a whole day tidying up the loft/office/study where my computer is and I do a lot of my twisting. Surprising what you find and what rubbish for some reason or another you keep hold off. So

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13 Aug

13th Aug

Here we go then, I nearly forgot that today was BalloonTube Sunday, oops. I have a couple of back up downloads so we are OK for another month, the rest of the year has been filmed but the master files are with Lord G at the moment who does all the editing for us. Better

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06 Aug

6th Aug

So this week in latex it’s been a more magical week with working three days for Guildford council at “The Village” at the bottom of Guildford high street. So the worry was finding the place on the first morning and where we would end up parking. Well no problems at all the Sat Nav got

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30 Jul

30th July

Well this week has been a little surreal as for the first time in ages I have been a little poorly. With the worst headaches I have ever had and then with flu like symptoms as well and after working for 10/15 minutes having to sit down to recover. I think I’m over the worst

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23 Jul

23rd July

It was the City of London Jam on Tuesday last week and was nice to catch up with Kat and Susie for Pizza Express lunch. I think I have missed the last two meetings due to other conflicts. We took a few pictures from the event and I had a play with an eagle design

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16 Jul

16th July

This week in the world of latex , well I had to take the car in for it’s MOT and yearly service. It needed a few things doing , all new brake pads, two new front disks. And surprise surprise two new rear shock absorbers, which is not surprising really as the amount of product

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