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11 Feb

11th February

We are getting ready for the Blackpool magicians weekend which is next week but have to drive up Tuesday night to Thelma’s so we can be in Blackpool for 2pm on Wed to start setting the stand as we open Friday morning at 9am rather than the normal time of 1pm on Friday. Everything has

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04 Feb

4th February

Today is the usual blog day but also BalloonTube Sunday as it’s the first Sunday in the month and BalloonTube has now gone to just once a month. I think I’m going to post the Owl instructions but off to look after I have written the blog and to make a final decision. BalloonTube Owl.

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28 Jan

28th January

Did you notice? There has not been a blog for two weeks, I was away at a balloon convention in America. I was thinking about writing it there and posting but decided to just enjoy the trip. I used to post pictures about the event while I was there but even decided against that this

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07 Jan

7th January

What have we been doing this week? Trying to recover from being really ill, that is what we have been doing. It’s been a long time since I have been ill and I have to say it well and truly got me. Four days being laid up, let’s say it was a challenge. We are

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31 Dec

31st December

Wishing everyone a very happy New Year, The coming year will be the same unless you change it. It’s only you that can make things happen, if you are happy with the way things are going…….great BUT if you are looking to change things then that is down to you. Good luck with whatever you

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24 Dec

24th December

So this week, the AA came to inspect the car I bought 8/9 weeks ago and seemed to be pretty un impressed with it. So fingers crossed that what they told us at the inspection goes into the report. The garage wanted the car back on Friday 22nd Dec which gave us only 8 days

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17 Dec

17th December

This week I have been making a few rhino’s and last night I was having a play with an easy lion design as when out and about I do not make a lion. It’s the mane that I struggle with so I will post a few on balloonchat later today. There is a thread already

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10 Dec

10th December

It’s Sunday, it’s blog day and it’s very cold and wet and snowy. I have a local show this afternoon so that is handy, not too much travelling. Yesterday I worked with seven other balloon artistes and eight face painters at the Jumanji press day preview. It was nice working alongside Crofty, we interact but

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03 Dec

3rd December

It’s been an exciting week this week, possibly for the wrong reasons. I purchased a fiat doblo a couple of months back and it has always sounded not quite right when starting. It had to go in and the air con needed to be checked due to there being no gas in the system and

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26 Nov

26th November

We had a fun few days this week showing Sam Cremeens around London and then the two day balloon event up in Birmingham. We had an excellent turn out of club members but only two people came to see Sam that did not belong to the club. How to attract people to see what was

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