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18 Jun

18th June

This week? Well we started off getting ready for the Leamington day of magic which was very enjoyable. Nice drive up and a surprise visit by Thelma, she looks after her grandson Alby now so does not make many of the balloon events that we run. Was nice having a chat and catching up a

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11 Jun

11th June

So this week? We went out for a nice meal and a catch up with Mike & Heather. It was a fun night. Been updating the warehouse still, nearly got it finished, the only problem is we have added about 75 more boxes so have to move all the numbers about and re-do the picking

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04 Jun

4th June

Welcome along to another blog, this week we have been deciding how to re-arrange the balloon warehouse. It was only finished 4/6 weeks ago and we need to find more room for the 34 Q-Paks and some other items that are still in the loft rather than being with in the warehouse. So we organised

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28 May

28th May

I went to the children’s magic convention this week in Oswestry for the Trix in the Stix convention. This was run by Jeremy and Cheryl from practical magic, sadly Jeremy passed away so John and Gary who usually help have stepped up to take over the running of the convention. I have to say it

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21 May

21st May

This weeks blog, what have we been up to. It was the London balloon jam on Tuesday but I was unable to go as we were busy with orders as Lyn and I went off up to London on Monday for tea at The Dorchester and to see a show, we went to see Wicked.

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14 May

14th May

Welcome along to this week’s blog, so what’s been happening? We had the Bristol magic convention last Sunday, it was nice to catch up with a few who we only see now and again and then on the Monday we had the Bristol Care & Share day. The venue was unusual in we had one

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06 May

7th May

We had a nice get together this week at my house, it was meant to be the secret six but ended up with just three of us due to work coming in for someone and a last minute problem to be solved for others. Susie, Rob and I had a nice time and even went

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30 Apr

30th April

Hello to all my blog readers, to be honest I have no idea how many if any do actually come on to see what my life in latex has entailed this week. We went up to Worksop for the Whitwell care & share day, it was nice to see Victoria and to catch up with

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23 Apr

23rd April

This week in balloon world, what have we been doing? I went up to the London jam on Tuesday, it’s been a while and we met for a very nice meal before in Pizza Express, a little disappointed as I’m a lover of the calzone pizza and they have taken that off the menu………….shock horror!

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16 Apr

16th April

This week we have been finishing off the balloon warehouse, the last of the new storage boxes got delayed in transit. Well the courier did not have a big enough van to deliver the order, after it being delayed for two days they sent it over to us in a local taxi, made me smile.

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