Heart Shaped Balloons UK

The 6″ Qualatex heart shaped balloons are the favourite size to twist into a balloon sculpture for the twisting balloon modeller to use. There is also a selection in the 15″ hearts available on the Qualatex balloons website.

Our Best Selling Heart Shaped Balloons UK

Latest Customer Reviews

  • “I love these! Great for Minion heads! :-)”

    -- Kerry Jay

  • “Love these- brilliant feedback on them from clients since I started using them!!”

    -- Kim O'Sullivan

  • “Terrific value. I always receive exactly the selection of colours I request and the delivery service is also brilliant, highly recommended!”

    -- Twisty Paul

  • “The description says it all. Excellent!”

    -- David Gardner

  • “An excellent, speedy service that one can reply upon. Many thanks:-)”

    -- Amanda @ Masquerade