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Modelling / Twisting Balloons
Qualatex brand balloons, manufactured by Pioneer Balloon Company, are recognised worldwide as The Very Best Balloons. The 260q modelling / Twisting balloon is 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches long and mainly used by the balloon modeller / twister and balloon decorator.

At Balloon Art Wholesale, we stock 40 variations of the Pioneer Europe 260q modelling / Twisting balloons with 25 solid colours, 4 assorted bags, 2 opaque colours, 2 metallic colours and 7 pearl colours.

The 260q twisting balloon is a Qualatex balloons product that is our best seller. This is the most popular balloon for the twister to use when balloon modelling.

There is also the 160q, 350q and 646q available for the twisters to use when modelling and deco twisting.

Our Best Selling Qualatex Modelling / Twisting Balloons UK

Latest Customer Reviews

  • “I love this colour!
    It's a very nice turquiose, very pretty
    Nice for that 'Frozen Ice Princess'”

    -- zoelocke24

  • “Amazing service and really good balloons to work with!”

    -- Michael

  • “These are a must have for any balloon artist, they can be used for many sculptures and add that amazing gold colour for a sparkling shine. Highly recommendable and truly tough..that's the amazing qualatex quality!!

    Kenny The Clown.”

    -- Kenny The Clown (Ireland)

  • “Thank you to Graham and Lyn placed my order yesterday and received today fantastic communication and service :) my new favorite place to shop”

    -- kevin rascal

  • “This is one of the first balloon modelling DVDs that I purchased and it is definitely the best that I have in my collection so far. Graham does a stunning job of describing all of the twists and the 'over the shoulder' angles help in so many ways. This DVD not only gives you models to replicate for yourself but also gives you so much in the way of inspiration for embellishing your own designs. I cannot recommend this DVD highly enough - it really should be one taking its place in your own collection.”

    -- Dan Catt (KJ Entertainments)