Sat 19th July

I’m attempting to write my first blog post onto the new website, so fingers crossed it all
works out OK? John wrote the last one for me, a few slight changes have been made
to the website with the main thing to notice is the moving slider on the home page
announcing the three star prizes to be won if you purchase £25 of balloon
product via the website.

If anyone is having problems re-setting the password then please get in touch as
with the new site I can do this for you. We have noticed the odd problem here
and there with the website and one or two customers have emailed with other
minor hic-ups to the site, we are looking into these and hope to change
things about shortly.

You may have noticed that each product now has a review section, if you do
get a minute or two and have purchased from us over the years we would
appreciate it if you could post and leave a comment or two, thanks.

I attended two balloon jams this week, Monday I was in London for the
city of London jam and then on Thursday we travelled down to the south
coast with Danny for the Portsmouth balloon jam, both were fun and I’ve
started to post pictures from both events.
The pictures are posted under the events section on balloon chat,

That is all from me at the moment as I try to go and make this blog post live!