9th Oct

Well here we are again, another busy week balloon modelling. We went up to Northampton on Tuesday for the balloon care and share day with 21 people attending. This was a new venue and area to try and although the venue was a little small it all worked out well. Thanks to Thelma for running a couple of the workshops, I was also lecturing at the local magic club that night so if I had to do the whole balloon day and then the evening it would have been a very long day. It still was but more manageable, I enjoyed the evening balloon/magic lecture. It takes you out your comfort zone a little which is nice and I think those attending got an idea or two that they could use………..well I hope they did.
Pictures from the day are nearly all on the forum, Northampton Care & Share Day.

The on Friday David and I were again making a very large plane for a Jet2 Holiday promotion in a shopping centre, this time it was Bluewater. It was a less stressful day as we had built the plane before and also I built part of the two wings the day before and David and I inflated over 150 balloons in the hotel room the night before so we were always a little ahead and could see it all being finished way ahead of time. I have started to post the pictures but I did not take as many as the build the week before. Bluewater Jet2 Plane.

Then today I’m driving down to help Olivia with her three day big build to celebrate the Battle of Hastings, I think there are between 12/17 people helping every day. Not 100% sure what I will be building at the moment due to being so busy lately with everything else. Sometimes there does not seem to be enough hours in the day. Still it will be nice to see everyone and to muck in, and yes I will be pos.ting many pictures from this event as well. Big Battle Balloon Build.

Just off to upload week 8 from BalloonTube, this week it’s a basic Space Gun.
BalloonTube Tutorials.

I think the random balloon picture can be the plane we built yesterdayat Bluewater Shopping centre, so not really a random picture as I have already decided.
Till next week xx