9th Nov

This trying to keep the blog up to date every couple of weeks is a little difficult for me, I have admiration for those that write every day. So what has been happening, we had the two day balloon event in Sutton with the macaroni girls, all seemed to go OK with that and I showed them around London for a couple of days doing the old sight seeing/tourist thingy. Pictures from the Sutton event are here but I have still to post pictures from day two as yet, there are over 100 up to view from day one though, http://balloonchat.co.uk/sutton-two-day-star-lecture-t8857.html

I attended the face painting one day convention in Wickford Essex that was nicely run and I had a few drinks brought around to the stand where I was set up. Thank you for that, appreciated, we had 13 attend the basic twisting class and all seemed to go OK.

Getting ready for the two day event in Birmingham with Twistina and Dan Catt for 25/26th Nov. Booking details are here or please contact me for any more info you may require. https://www.balloonartwholesale.co.uk/balloons/care-share-days/

Been playing around a lot lately with the geo blossom balloon and made a selection of items that can be viewed here, http://balloonchat.co.uk/geo-play-t9340.html
The random picture below will be one of the models I have made from the geo blossom.

Onto the shop and we started putting in small complimentary bags of balloons to the orders as a little thank you to our customers. It is completely random what you get but we hope it may inspire some to try some of the other products we have available from the web shop.

Off to add the random balloon picture,
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