9th July

It has been a really busy week this week. After picking Linda up from the airport on Friday and doing my shows last weekend we then had Linda’s workshop on Monday with Doctor Bob running the workshop on Tuesday. It’s a lot of hard work running the days but so much fun, thanks to all who attended and also Bob and Linda for the workshops, some nice designs were shared. I have started to post the pictures from the days onto balloonchat. Linda & Bob.

We then had to catch up with orders and emails Wed while taking in a big balloon order and getting Linda up to London to see the changing of the guard, she was lucky to get a front row view very last minute.

Then there was a second big balloon order to put away on Thursday and I also double booked myself a show and taking Linda to the airport so had to get Linda a taxi. It was a struggle home for Linda and Marie, engine failure on the first plane making over a 6 hour wait for a new plane and then in Germany the storms and lighting grounded plane number two for them so they had a lay over in Frankfurt. It took over 31 hours to get home from leaving mine. The good thing is they are safe and sound and it’s something to dine out on and tell the grand children.

So Friday was my re-coup day, yes if only. Still catching up with things, accounts, invoices etc and getting ready for this weekend shows. Now planning filming the next instalments of BalloonTube, the plan is to film 5/6 tutorials on Wed of this week. It’s all go some times, If you wanted to check up with balloon tube. BalloonTube.

The special offers on the website this week are the Beating book for £20 and the 16” and 6” geo blossom assorted balloons are also on special offer. Beating Book. Geo Blossoms.

Off to find a random balloon picture for this week.
This is a random picture, this was made at Guinness headquarters in
London a while back with Caroline from Bubbly Maths being the
co-ordinator for the project. More picture are here on balloon chat.
World Record.