9th January

Here we are then going into the New Year, I had two parties this week, one was to cover for a friend who came down with covid, we did an hour magic show and then 30 mins ballooning with a little balloon workshop. It was for 8 year old girls and they all made their very own sausage dog, I was very impressed, probably the best group making the sausage dog that I have had from that age range. Then I did a 4 year old party yesterday as well so that was nice.

I have booked in the first live Zoom workshop for 2022 if anyone would like to join us? It’s on Tuesday 1st February at 7.30 pm UK time and we will be showing the number Eight design, there is as usual a maximum of 10 people for the workshop so we keep it small and manageable for myself to run. Here are the booking details, Number Eight Workshop.

The new website is coming along, I know I have said this a few times but it is……..I promise. When will it go live, hopefully sometime soon. If you are thinking about ordering this week and fancied being a guinea pig then we are looking for a few people to try the website out. Please get in touch and I will email you over the temporary link for the web shop.

We went up to the London Palladium Friday night to see Pantoland, it was so so funny, had me roaring with laughter, a fun night. We also went for a burger meal from Five Guy’s. Now it was nice but very expensive, I was surprised but it was an experience. We also popped into Hamleys where I cheekily asked if something was buy one get one free and amazingly they said yes OK we will do that. They then spent the next five minutes trying to work out how to put it through the till. So it was not really on special but they did it as a favour, we were well impressed. Then it was off to Lavazza for a coffee, wow what a really nice posh shop to sit down in and have a coffee, I was well impressed and the toilets, wow, possibly the poshest
I have ever been in. A fab experience all around and the coffee was great as well.
So a fabulous night out, one to remember.

We do have a few special offers on the website for the last in the Hearts, 321’s and the Geo Blossom balloons that have all been dis-continued. They are all on the website,
Balloon Art Wholesale.

That’s me then for this week, the random balloon picture is going to be the number Eight design so no random balloon picture of the week for this week. Don’t forget to click the link above if you would like to attend the workshop on how to make the design.