9th Dec

Its coming up to Christmas and we are into the Christmas shows, well its just my usual show with the balloon models being Christmassy, Santa Hat, Elf Hat, Reindeer Hat and a wearable Angel Costume. Been busy with balloon orders as well plus sending out the Balloon Artistes Guild club DVD.

I’m keeping up with the BalloonTube, one tutorial a day challenge, a few have joined in but we are down to only one person posting the full selection. So thanks to Danielle for being the last one standing, appreciated. Would have been nice to get a few more joining in but…………..
as my gran used to say, you can lead a horse to water 😉
All the designs can be seen on my Facebook page Graham Lee.

I have also been decorating at home as we had a new boiler fitted and it was not allowed to go in the exact same place as the old boiler due to new rules and regulations. So there has been some pipe work boxing in and wall papering required. This will keep me busy for months I’m guessing as the new boiler is in the loft/study and this has not been decorated for……….well lets say many years, he he. So needs decorating, new lights, new flooring and we have to sort a small area before moving everything to get on with the next section, it will be a challenge.

We have booked a “Build a Bike” balloon jam day for Sutton on Monday 21st Jan, I will be making a bike in the corner and if you would like to watch, or join in or even get into a little group and have a go at a variation you are more than welcome. Or just come along and jam with others at the day. Booking Details.

We are still putting up the latest designs from my balloon portfolio on Balloon Chat plus pictures from the comedic workshop that we had in late November plus the pictures
from the Q-Jam.

That’s it for this week then, off to find the random balloon model of the week.
This is un-usual for me, this is a variation on a design by Rebecca Kanar.
I really liked it and Rebecca showed it live on her new Balloon
Tuition page. If you can support Rebecca that would be great.
Rebecca Kanar Facebook Page.