8th November

So what’s been happening this week?……………..now let me think….
I have been doing a little DIY,
painting the porch and front door, still on going as I do take my time.

Balloon wise I have been making a couple of Father Christmas balloons, re-made Peppa Pig from a while back but in 350’s to see what she looked like upscaled using a 350 for the head instead of a large heart balloon. will post them onto the forum today as a little behind again.

The two balloon Bike I posted the step by step instructions up on the Model Of the Month if anyone would like to have a go at making it. Bike, Model of the Month.

Today is the last day to get the BalloonTube Santa tutorial at the special sale price before it goes up. Santa Tutorial.

If anyone is looking for balloon product in the UK we are shipping the same day or next day depending when your order comes in and have the majority of products available and in stock. Balloon Art Wholesale.

I’m thinking about doing a Facebook live, I never have and it feels a little scary to me but as we are locked down again for four weeks I though it might be nice to do one a week and re-visit an old classic with a little variation here and there. I will have a chat with some who have done Facebook live to see the problems etc as I’m not to technically minded and it might end up being to much of a worry for me…………….so watch this space.

That’s me for this week, take care. Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the Man I made about a month ago now. There are some variations over on
Balloon Chat if you would like to take a look, Man.