8th May

A day late this week, have lots to write about as I attended the Bristol day of Magic yesterday and that is the reason I’m a little late with the blog.
I will post more later as I have a little catching up to do with orders and emails.
Goodness time flies, we should be doing May 15th now so
trying to remember what we got up to last week.
I put the instructions up for the wobbly wrist flower from DVD 7 onto balloon chat.
If you would like to make it here is the link, Wobbly Wrist Flower.
We also announced the winner of the Sausage dog competition, again step by step instructions are up on balloon chat. Sausage Dog.

We were getting ready for a very busy week balloon modelling all over the place, Bristol, Exeter and Bognor. So a few miles covered driving everywhere in the car plus setting up
and taking down of the shop, still it beats working for a living and I love travelling around
and meeting people. It’s like a busman’s holiday for me.

I’m still to re-record my YouTube channel clips, we were given a fab name, BalloonTube.
I must get this sorted out pretty quick, I took the master copy of the Simon Jong lecture/workshop down to Lord G for editing so that will be ready for the next care & share
star lecture day with Sabina Kellner that will be taking place in Birmingham on 5/6th July,
more details via the link, Sabina Kellner.

Now the random balloon model for the week.