8th December

This week I went up to London with Kat and Danielle to feed the birds in the park opposite Lancaster Gate tube. It was a fun time and really enjoyable, the highlight was Kat filming me with the birds and her laughing her head off at my antics. A really lovely few hours. We then went over to Liverpool Street and the London Jam, I could only stay for a coffee and a slice of pizza as that night it was also my local magic club Christmas meal as well.

I’m just back from working all day at Port Solent balloon modelling, an enjoyable day, I love twisting and trying to entertain the crowd. Yesterday I was doing magic shows at a school Christmas Fair, a varied life I lead and a nice enjoyable weekend.

Still adding the pictures from the Pip Star lecture days,
they should all be up by the end of the week,
Pip Pictures.

It was the first of the Christmas shows last week, I used to have a Christmas magic show but had not taken it out for I think at least three years. So I dusted it off and took it out, performed it twice this week and absolutely loved it. So pleased I made the effort to get it all working and brushed of the cobwebs.

That’s me for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
This was made for a little video that will be coming out next March.
So watch this space in three months time.
Thanks to those that helped to make it happen,
it was appreciated XXxx