7th November

Its Sunday and it’s BalloonTube Sunday and this month we have a Panda design. Now if you do follow me a little and especially over on Balloon Chat you will know I have made many variations on a Panda over the years. This is the link for the latest on BallooTube, Panda.
And to see a few variations and quite a lot of different looking
Panda’s then this is the link for Balloon Chat, Panda.

We went up to the London Jam this week for the first time in ages, was nice to see
a few people after so long. I did take a few pictures but not that many, Pictures.

We also found a local pin ball arcade that is only a couple of miles from where we live, so spent the afternoon there yesterday with my son. Really enjoyed it, the first pin ball arcade I went to was in Los Vegas and was classed as a museum. It also had a lot of retro games as well which helped to break up playing pin ball all the time. This is the pin ball arcade in Waddon, near Croydon if anyone would like to check it out, Pin Ball Arcade.

We have booked the next care & share day for Tuesday 30th November in Gosport which is near to Portsmouth if anyone would like to attend. There is a minimum of 4 workshops but with the option of others getting up and sharing a design or two with everyone. The early early bird special runs out on the 10th Nov, it’s only £10 to attend and a bargain. If you could share the details it would be very much appreciated, Portsmouth Balloon Day.

That’s me for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the balloon sausages that we made for an episode of Balloon Taskmaster, I have started a thread on Balloon Chat as we do have quite a few little balloon videos that we have made over the past 9 months and I needed to get them off my phone so we can clear up some space so it works a little faster. All the links are on Balloon Chat if you’d like to take a look at what I have been up to. Please note they are all made a little tongue in cheek and I don’t
take it to seriously. Balloon Videos.