7th March

Hi all, its me and its also Sunday and BalloonTube Sunday. The tutorial today is for the Crocodile that I originally made back in August 2019. So a little while back now,
BalloonTube Crocodile.
There are also some variations on the design over on balloon Chat if you’d like to take a look,
Crocodile 2019
Crocodile 2017
Crocodile 2016

I have been making more numbers this week and have One to Nine complete and just need to make a couple of Zero’s and then we are all done.

I have a couple of balloon workshops coming up on Zoom this week with the Panda Workshop on Tuesday night, we have a few spaces left for this. And then on Wednesday we have the weaved numbers workshop which has been sold out for a while and I will be adding a new date shortly. The next star lecture on our Zoom-A-Balloon workshop will be Patrick van de Ven, the first workshop sold out within a day so we have added another date. For all balloon workshop bookings this is the link, Balloon Workshops.

Done some DIY in the garden today, I’m aching a little and expect to be aching even more tomorrow, I’m not used to all this manual work, he he.

I filmed a little something for the Balloon Taskmaster show this week, just a little something
I thought up in the week. No idea if its funny but its a little different.

That’s me for this week then, off to find the random balloon picture of the week, not sure what it will be as for the past three weeks all I have been doing is making weaved numbers.
Hopefully I will find something, I went with the Valentine design I made up earlier in the year.
There are some variations on this over on Balloon Chat, Valentines.