7th Feb

So what has been happening this week Graham?
Well I’m glad you asked me that question, I finished the artwork off, well when I say finished, what I mean is I got others to do this as I’m not too good with Photoshop or any other design layout programme. I think all three designs will be OK for a while, one is always looking to improve things. So the artwork goes to the printers tomorrow for the new roller banner and foam board displays. Will be ready for the Blackpool magic convention, Feb 19/21st. If anyone would like to attend then details are here. Blackpool Magic.

I went and picked up the master copy from the Michael Abrahamson and Victor Forja lecture that was held in Leeds at the end of last year. Rob Driscoll kindly did the artwork for BAG 14 DVD, the club has been running five years now, wow! I sat through the 3 hours and 20 minute DVD to make sure it was all “A” OK, and it is. One little mishap, I forgot to thank them both on camera for coming over to run the workshops. I did thank them at the day, honest I did. We have the last session, stop the recording and then do the last 30 minutes hands on, my mistake so apologies about that. The DVD’s will be ready for the next Care & Share balloon day that will be taking place in Birmingham on March 8/9th. Details about joining the Balloon Artistes Guild can be found here, BAG.

Off to the Spring fair Tuesday and Wednesday this week to se what is new in the balloon world, it’s always very enjoyable, looking forward to walking around aimlessly for a couple of days.

I have also booked and confirmed the next star lecture day for the Balloon Artistes Guild this week, it has taken me a while to book this lady, not only has she been booked but will be running both days. She is a great twister and a lovely person as well, what more could you want. The venue is booked, I’m just waiting on flight confirmation before we make the big announcement.

So the random picture for this week, off to look.
Olaf with a couple of different head designs.
Till next week……………love and kisses xx