7th Aug

Today is the last day to enter the July competition on balloonchat for the complimentary bags of balloons we send out with orders. Last month it was to make the plane with the hearts as wings, full step by step instructions are here, Plane.
The August competition is for a quick line work style Pikachu,
closing date for this is Sept 7th, Pickachu.

So what have we been doing this week? Not too much really, just catching up with orders and stock, getting the accounts all up to date and booking the hall and confirming everything for the Manchester Care & Share day that will be taking place on Wed 2nd November, to book for this and the Lincoln Care & Share day that is on Monday 12th Sept.
To Book.

The plan for this week is?……………………Nothing at the moment, I do need to do a little DIY around the house with painting the front of the house and also the front of the Log Cabin in the garden. We do have a few people coming over on Thursday for a little balloon get together and possibly a trip to the Pizza Express in Sutton in the evening,
looking forward to that.

I have been updating my portfolio folder this weekend, I think I’m pretty much up to date, the problem I have is now getting the folder onto an ipad I bought for taking to the days/events that I attend so we can have the portfolio on a slide show so those that are interested can view. I have to get the folder from my main computer up to I think either icloud or dropbox and then back to the ipad. I did try to do this today but I’m lost with technology, Rob Driscoll¬†is coming up Thursday so perhaps he will be able to help or
if not I will give Thelma a call and see if she can help me out.

Anyway that’s me for this week, I hope it turns out a nice week for you as well.
Off to find the random picture of the week, back in a minute or two.
I went for the baby picture that I have been wanting to make for a while now,
more pictures are on balloonchat. I made the hands with a heart design as well.
Heart Pictures.
Hand Pictures.