6th September

We have a few products that are being dis-continued, we do have a few bags left so if it’s a product you do use then perhaps purchase an extra bag till stocks last as once we sell out we are unable to get the product back into stock. There are a few 321 colours being stopped, all the 321 with black tips, Red, White and Yellow and also in solid colours, Dark Blue, Black, Violet, Yellow and Lilac. We have 2 or 3 bags of each left but only one bag of 321 Dark Blue. Some Geo Blossom balloons are not being made as well in, Dark Blue, Black, Violet, Yellow and Lilac. As I said I do have a couple of bags of each colour still available with a special offer if you buy two bags or more of the Geo Blossom’s. Geo Balloons. 321 Balloons.

Been doing a little DIY to the shed roof this week to make it more rain tight hopefully and then made a variation on the Car tutorial that I posted last week onto Balloon Chat. Car Tutorial.

Then I was onto making  a few Fox’s, probably should not say but I was rather pleased with how they came out. If you’d like to judge for yourselves then this is the thread over on Balloon Chat, Fox Pictures.

Then this Sunday it was BalloonTube Sunday and we went with the Halloween Bat design,
I know a little early but people will have a chance to practise it and if any bookings
come in then hopefully they can use it as well, Halloween Bat.

That’s me for this week, here is hoping some magic shows or balloon gigs come in soon
as the last time I was out working was back in February, so a little while back now.
Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the Robin Reliant that I helped build with Danielle for her customer.
It was the classic blow up doll episode, there are more pictures to view as
we built the design over on Balloon Chat, Del Boy Robin Reliant.