6th July

I feel like we are getting back on track after a really hectic three weeks, all orders on the website are under control and been sent out. I have started to check the Pieter van Engen master copy of the workshop day he did back in March for the balloon artistes guild and Daniel has been and gone from his lecture/workshop/jam day that he flew in especially to hold in Sutton last week for the club. Everyone seemed happy with the big sculpture football build we did last week as well……………and relax, I did say we have been busy.

Organising the Leeds two day event and looking to have Michael Abrahamson and Victor Forja over from Ireland for the event that is planned at the moment for 15/16th Sept, not confirmed till plane tickets are bought etc.

Had a busy weekend with shows which was nice but it does take it out of you when so muggy and sticky, not sure I could cope every day with the weather like this, it was funny that at the Daniel day we were all saying how hot it was and there was Daniel with a vest, shirt and coat on saying he was cold, he does come from Phoenix where the temperature is over 100 degrees so I expect it was a little chilly for him at 86 here in the UK.

I’m still putting pictures up from Daniel’s day, Daniel FuDD Ravia

Pictures from the large sculpture build of the footballers can be seen here with step by step pictures, Football Players.

Finally a random balloon picture, well not random this week, a football player from the big build.