6th Dec

I read a post on facebook this week about people who just keep asking the same question.
I have taken a job and have to make, (insert any balloon sculture/decorating item here) and not sure how to do it, or what to charge, please post pictures and an idea on price. Sometimes even without the please. They mentioned a few names from time gone by where we used to share at events, get togethers etc. I think the main thing they were complaining about was that in days gone by we had to go to a convention, day workshop and pay for instructions and now it’s there in full view on a plate and they even ask for an idea on pricing.

Now I had this a few weeks back with some super hero figures I had made with David Crofts, the picture of them was posted with how much would you charge, some people posted silly prices that would barely cover material cost as the items were over full size. I did post that they took 8 hours each to make so times that by what you would like to charge per hour and then add materials, the person seemed a little miffed I would not put on facebook the price we charged the customer.

So I see where the person who posted the original woe is coming from but………………..and this is the but, times move on and things change, we may not like the way they change but have to move with the flow or get left behind. I have never been a lover of posting instructions on YouTube but from January will be doing it as my web guy has mentioned I need to get a higher profile for google, I have no idea but have to listen to him as he does seem to know how the internet works, see times move on, I still have tapes of balloon instructions, we have gone from tape to DVD to download.

So although we may not 100% agree with how things move on, we have to move and grow with the flow, other wise we get left behind.

I have added instructions to balloon chat for the love heart and a flower design over the past week and there are the instructions for the angel as well that is the competition for Dec. We send out a pack of complimentary balloon in all orders and the full instruction on how to make the angel are on balloon chat and if you post your model you go into the hat to win a balloon modelling DVD, more details are here, Angel.

There is also the December book competition this month to win the balloon book “The Inflateable Crown” by Addi Somekh. You just have to post a Christmas related balloon model to the balloon chat forum. Book Competition.

The random balloon picture this week are the angel’s I made in memory of Josef Reh who was killed in a car crash just after the Millennium Jam this year, I had known Josef from TMJ and also Euro-Jam that I attended. Josef and I would sit and twist sometimes, he was always very helpful and a lovely man. Thanks for the memories Josef xx.