5th Feb

Been a quiet week ballooning, I have been sorting out both websites adding and adjusting product, items etc. The new Q-Pak which is the nozzle up balloons will not be available in the UK till the middle of the year at the earliest so Lyn and I have decided to make these up ourselves for the moment. Well when I see we are making up, I’m actually employing child labour and getting the grand-kids to do this for me. The extra 50p a bag that they cost will go to them as well, I have been informed that the Q-Pak will be approx. 10% extra to purchase so works our at around the 50p. If any one would like to purchase the nozzle up balloons then this is the link below and we are only making up the standard colours in the range, so not the metallic or neon’s. Please note these will be made up to order so please allow a few days extra for us to ship out your order, they will also not come in sealed Qualatex bags as we make these up at the moment. Nozzle up Balloons.

On the Sempertex website we have a new order in from Europe which means the bags are now in 50 count bags, this will cause a little confusion for a while as we still have the majority of stock in 100 count bags. We have decided to put all the balloons into 50 count bags that are sold that way in Europe, so again some of the product will not be in sealed bags as Lyn and I will be re-bagging the product and if you order two bags of the same item you may get only one bag of the 100 count bag till the change over is complete. If you are unsure then please call or email, thanks. Sempertex Balloons.

Balloon wise I have not been making to many designs this week due to all of the above, I have also booked and confirmed all the star lecture days for 2017. The last to be booked is Sam Cremeens for the USA which will be in Birmingham on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st Nov. Other dates for 2017 are,

Birmingham 6th March, Darren Mortiboy
Birmingham 7th March, Twistina
Worksop 25th April, Roger Daws
Sutton 3rd July, Linda Trusheit from Germany
Sutton 4th July, Doctor Bob Armstrong
Birmingham 20th Nov, Sam Cremeens from the USA
Birmingham 21st Nov, Sam Cremeens from the USA
Booking Details.

I’m also trying to book two “Care & Share” balloon days, one for  Northern Ireland for
May/June and then a day up in Scotland for early September.

Off to start getting the product ready for taking up to the Blackpool magic convention next week, no matter what we take there is always something we sell out off. We will be promoting the nozzle up balloons on the stand, they have got a lot of social media coverage so will be interesting to see if people would be happy to pay the small increase in price to save them time setting up balloon aprons and bags.

Off to find the random picture of the week.
I went with the flower which I explained on my BalloonTube
channel on week 21. BalloonTube.