5th December

It’s BalloonTube Sunday today and I feel a little guilty as it’s not a Christmas design, we do have some Christmas designs on previous years and also on Balloon Chat. This months model of the month is the Christmas Tree and last year we had a Santa design. These are the links for those, Balloon Chat Christmas Tree.      Balloon Chat Santa.

On BalloonTube we went with the Butterfly design, now when I looked this up I was very surprised that I originally made this way back in 2013, some 18 years ago…..wow!
Butterfly Tutorial.

I’m off out in a while for a birthday party magic show so that’s nice, we have had a couple of parties cancel on the run up to Christmas which I do understand but I only had a handful of shows in so a very quiet Christmas again for me. I’d better try and come up with a few more new balloon designs to keep me busy.

The large build I had the other week was for a Train to promote The Polar Express party at the Empire Cinema in Sutton, all the pictures are now up if anyone would like to take a look?
The Train is not meant to be the Polar Express, we just made a Train the children can stand in for a photo opportunity, thought I should point that out…insert a wink here xx.
We did take pictures as we built it so you can see how the design came together.
The pictures are over a couple of pages so don’t forget to click to page two.
Train Pictures.

We had the Portsmouth balloon day this week, all seemed to go well except for we had to pay £10 to park the car at the venue for the whole day. I do feel the venue should have told us this when we booked, that was an unexpected expense for all those attending. I have started to post the pictures from the day but still have a few more to post over the coming days. Portsmouth Balloon Day.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week. It wont be very random as we will be posting the Train picture from the cinema.