5th Aug

Today we have posted the latest tutorial up onto BalloonTube, it’s the 4 or is it 5 balloon helicopter? I’m not too sure to be honest as I filmed it a few months back now.
BalloonTube Helicopter.

We also have the new model of the month for August on Balloon Chat which is the two balloon machine gun. I was surprised with the reaction on facebook to the gun as it’s one I have been making now for possibly 12 years so pretty old. The full step by step instructions are on the forum, hope it’s of use to some. Machine Gun.

We are still looking to book another balloon workshop for late November to go with the Comedic workshop we have booked for Birmingham on 27th Nov. To view all dates
booked for this year and to book onto any of them, Balloon Days.

We do have a few special offers on the website for this month, both the metallic hearts are on offer plus the full range of Chrome balloons in both 11″ rounds and 260 modelling balloons. Chrome Rounds.      260 Modelling Balloons.      6″ Metallic Hearts.

We are all booked in for the IBM magic convention, the kidology children’s convention both in Sept and also the face painting convention in October. Plenty of events that we will be attending later on in the year. I’m also looking to book a “Care & Share” jam day in October, struggling a little with venue as we wanted to book this for Birmingham but the hotel is quoting between £80 and £100 per night. Not sure why the price is so high so might have to have this local to us in Sutton. I need to decide soon as I would like to start advertising this asap. It will be a free day to attend as there will be no planned workshop as such but I will be there to help out and encourage. Trying to go back a little to how the balloon days used to be 10/12 years ago when we first started them.

That is me for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with this months model of the month for August, the machine gun.
gun thank you