4th Sept

Hello to the one or maybe two people who read my blog, hope you are both well?
So this week we have been staining the log cabin and today I started on painting
the front of the house, it needs a little TLC.

So what’s been happening balloon wise, well there are still a couple of days to enter the August competition over on balloon chat. If you post your Pikachu, there are step by step instructions f0r you to follow then you will go into the draw to win a balloon modelling DVD. August Competition. If you would like to enter September’s competition, again with full step by step instructions for the Swan then this is the link to follow, September Competition.

Tuesday 6th September we are off to Portsmouth for the balloon Jam that Rob Driscoll organises, last time there was 15/18 attending and it’s a fun time and we meet for Pizza before. If anyone would like to attend this is the facebook page, Portsmouth Balloon Jam.

Then the rest of the week we have an interesting project that I’m helping with, trying to make someone float using 22,000 11″ helium balloons. This is an undertaking and a half and when they got in touch I did pass it over to John Bowler as they need inflation equipment, helium, hi-float etc and John is one of the top guy’s in the UK for this. I will be attending for a couple of hours each day to help where I can and to hopefully get plenty of pictures that we can post once this has been accomplished. There is a live feed if you would like to follow, full details are on the balloon chat thread, CHEROPHOBIA By Noëmi Lakmaier.

That is me for this week, a little odd thing before I go, what are the chances? Until a couple of weeks ago I had not worked at the Brooklands Museum and then I do a 40th party last weekend and next weekend I’m there again for a British Airways fun day. Funny old business this entertaining lark…………but I love it.

The next instalment of BalloonTube will be going live later tonight, 4th Sept. We have the Hippo and Rhino posted at the moment and tonight it’s my favourite one balloon design, the wobbly flower. This is on DVD 1 but I wanted to add it to the YouTube channel as well. If you do have a look then please subscribe, I’m pleased at the moment as it’s been up for 3 weeks and we have 144 subscribers and 1000 views. So if you can share the link and comment it would be very much appreciated…………thanks. BalloonTube.

Off to find a random balloon picture for this week, as usual I will be right back.
I made this a few weeks back when we had a little get together at my house with,
Danny, Rob, Kat and Susie. It was a nice day and guess what?
After we went for pizza, very nice it was as well. Till next week, bye xx