4th Oct

Some may have noticed there was no blog last week?
That was because I was away in Eastbourne at The International Brotherhood of Magicians convention. I did enjoy myself, meeting up with many who I only see from time to time, the gala show was great but some of the other shows were a little hit and miss and the numbers attending have dropped drastically over the years. As for having the dealer stand………………..now what should I say? Sales wise was very poor and even trying to get people over to take an interest was difficult. So thinking why, well I put it down to an aging thing with the average member being……….. quite old and balloon modelling not their thing. But I had fun meeting up with so many and going out for a couple of evening meals with Neils Duinker who is an amazing juggler who I worked with about 5 years ago in China, it was nice catching up and seeing how well Neils is doing on the worldwide juggling scene. Neils website To view the pictures I took from the event, Pictures from Eastbourne.

I have been trying to catch up with my portfolio folder, it’s been a while since I added my latest sculptures to it.
So when I post onto balloon chat I have separate folders for all the events and my work all combined into one. For the past couple of years I have 28 folders and I think the last time I updated the portfolio folder was from folder 10. So I have been adding pictures and I’m now up to folder 20, but once I have done the rest I have to re-name the pictures as some I save as Eastbourne 23, Leeds 12 etc etc and they could be all different sculptures. So once I have moved over the pictures I will then need to go into the portfolio folder and rename everything from the 18 folders that I have added.

I’m expecting many are lost now? A little like I am (insert a smiley face here)

Off to the NABAS  balloon convention, Oct 18/19th and will be teaching three class’s, I’d better go and take a look at some sculptures I think will be suitable as we will be going from beginner and moving along with difficulty at every workshop, with some being hands on. NABAS Event.

Then on Monday 26th Oct we will be at the Essex Birds Jam, yes that is what the event is called, he he!
I will be running two workshops, I have added pictures to the thread on balloon chat where you can find details about attending and the models I will be sharing. Essex Birds Jam.

That’s me for this week, off to find a random balloon picture to post.
ballerina 4