4th Nov

For all those eagle eyed amongst you then perhaps you noticed I forgot to post my blog yesterday? Oooppps. I was busy with the new challenge of a balloon a day from my BalloonTube channel plus it was actually BalloonTube Sunday yesterday so I posted Rudolph the Reindeer design. Exactly the same as last month but on last month was the head on a wand and this month it was Rudolph’s head and body so taking it to the next level. Hope it helps some, this is the link for Rudolph, BalloonTube.

I have also started with making one design a day from BalloonTube, this will take us up to Boxing day and for those that are unsure that is the 26th Dec. If you wanted to join in to help with your balloon modelling then please do, the first twenty designs are all just one balloon models. Facebook Page.

We have a special offer on the website for this month for the round 11″ balloons,
they are just £9,99 a bag. 11″ Rounds.

It’s the London balloon jam tomorrow if anyone wanted to attend, more details are on the facebook page, London Balloon Jam.

We have just started a competition to win a ticket to the Blackpool Balloon Bash for March 2019 with Antonio and Phileas both running two workshops at the event. Details are on my business page, if you post a design from BalloonTube, not a single balloon design and then a balloon design that has been made at the BBB that is it. You will then be added into the draw that will take place on Tuesday 27th Nov at the next Care & Share balloon day.
Business Facbook Page.

If you would like to attend the next Care & Share balloon day it’s a comedic workshop being run by Donimo, the silent clown on Tuesday 27th Nov. The day after is a Q-Jam at the same venue if you would like to attend. There are just 4 tickets left for both days so this might well sell out. Comedic Workshop.

So the random balloon picture for the week?
What shall it be, not sure at the moment, off to look.
I went with Bing who is a cartoon character from
the UK TV programme called CBeebies.