4th March

Here we are then, another week and another Blog.
This week I have been making some motorbike wheels, I had a couple of ideas so thought I would give them a try. I have posted them onto Balloon Chat if anyone would like to take a look. Wheels.

Balloon Chat
We are trying again to get the forum sorted out, we have had at least 4/5 people try in the past and the problem is the SEO section that has been added onto the Phpbb section. Now many thing the SEO is search engine optimization but in this case it’s a fork/add on to the forum template.
So we have Peter & Anja looking into this, they run the site for Ken Stillman, Balloon Click.

They have got further than anyone else and are at the moment trying to download the database separately. It got so far the other night and then froze so they are trying again tonight. It’s such a big site that it does take forever to download. There have been other problems but I’m not too technical and although I have been trying to help I’m just the gofer between them and John who keeps my other sites online. So fingers crossed we can sort something out, if we do many of the pages will be going, the find a twister, maps, home page as these were all lost somehow when we had other problems a while back.
If it all works out then we will get added the main number one problem with the site, re-sizing pictures. The forum needs to do this automatically. Then I wonder if people might come back to using the forum or if as many say…………….it’s had it’s day and things move on. Well stubborn old me is still trying, the forum will be 10 years old on the 1st April so we are trying to get things sorted out for then.

Later this month we have the Blackpool balloon bash that we will be attending and then on the 27/28th March we have another Star lecture with Wallie de Groote coming over from Europe to run the days for us. If you would like to book, Wallie de Groote.

The model of the month for Balloon chat is the 3 balloon tiger that takes 4 balloons to make, Tiger.

It’s also the first Sunday of the month so that means it’s BalloonTube Sunday.
This month as it’s near to Easter we thought we would do the Rabbit design.
BalloonTube, Rabbit.

That’s it for the moment, off to find the random picture of the week,
I went with the charm bracelet that we made for a friends wedding.
Paul and Ruth, when Paul saw the bracelet on facebook he thought it
was a genuine one that he could buy for Ruth and present to her on
the actual wedding day. I had to contact him to say it was made from
balloons. So we thought we would make it for them. Thanks to Larry
Moss & Kelly Cheatle as the original concept was theirs and they
kindly let me re-produce this for the happy couple.