4th June

Welcome along to another blog, this week we have been deciding how to re-arrange the balloon warehouse. It was only finished 4/6 weeks ago and we need to find more room for the 34 Q-Paks and some other items that are still in the loft rather than being with in the warehouse. So we organised the small log cabin we have and moved all the items from the four floor cupboards into the other log cabin and took out the cupboards. We fitted the insulation on the floor and walls and worked out the best configuration that will work for the extra picking boxes. We think we can get an extra 75 so will have approx 25 spare once all the product is fitted back into the warehouse. There are pictures that we posted as we went along with the project if you would like to take a look, Warehouse re-vamp.

It’s been a little quiet on the entertaining front the past couple of weeks so if anyone could pass a little work this way or pass on my details then that would be appreciated. Website for the magic and balloons,
Graham Lees Magic.

Off to the Leamington Day of Magic next week, it’s a mid week convention and fantastic value for money. They do have a web page if you would like some more details on attending. Leamington Day Of Magic.

We have a couple of special offers on the website for June, 646’s are reduced to £8.75 so a good saving if you are into the bigger balloons, 646 Special offers.  We have 3 sets of my DVD’s at a reduced rate. There are eight DVD’s in the set and they are on special offer at just £110. Graham Lee DVD Special Offer.

I have been planning for the trip to Vegas to attend Twist and Shout the balloon convention. This usually clashes with the Blackpool magic convention but I think they are holding Twist and Shout earlier this year so it leaves a space before the world balloon convention. I was looking into going to the Florida Superjam that finishes two days before Twist & Shout starts but I would be away for two weeks then and I’m chancing my arm with being away for 10 days but only one full week. Lyn has to keep the business running and ticking over while I’m off out the country. More details about Twist & Shout.

It was BalloonTube Sunday this week and we have gone back to a couple of one balloon designs, this week it’s the Camel and the next instalment will be the one balloon Cat. I forgot these when I added all the one balloon designs to BalloonTube when we started the channel. BalloonTube.

Off to see what I have been twisting this week to add as the random balloon picture of the week. Be back in a minute……………..don’t go away.
Yoda was made a few weeks back now, I think this is version five.
There is a thread on Balloon Chat with how it evolved. Yoda.