4th February

Today is the usual blog day but also BalloonTube Sunday as it’s the first Sunday in the month and BalloonTube has now gone to just once a month. I think I’m going to post the Owl instructions but off to look after I have written the blog and to make a final decision. BalloonTube Owl.

All the pictures are now up from The Hamburg Jam, it did take a while but there are over 400 pictures to take a look at. Hamburg Jam.

I got back and now recovered from the Twist & Shout convention, I enjoyed the event but as someone did comment on facebook as there are so many other things going on in Vegas it did seem to dilute the event down a little. I have started to post the pictures and will try to get them posted quicker than the Hamburg jam pictures. Twist & Shout.

I’m off to the Portsmouth Jam on Wed that Rob Driscoll is organizing, I think a few are coming over from the Isle of Wight so expecting possibly 12/15 so a good number. I have my list of three things to have a play about with. At the Blackpool magic convention in a couple of weeks I was looking to make a full size motor bike, it’s been 4/5 years since we built the last one so I was going to have a play with wheels, mud guard and the petrol tank to see if I can get some nice shapes from the latex.

I’m off to run a balloon workshop tomorrow at a private school, I have done these for the past 4 years and they are always fun as the girls really are trying to make the designs and to win the models I make before hand to try to tempt them a little more to make the designs. It generally works so fingers crossed for two fab workshops tomorrow. David (Crofty) is coming up this week as we have a big build in a couple of weeks so are just going to have a play at one of the designs to see how well is will stay up to how many days before hand we can build.

Some times you build something you really like and it does not get too much reaction on facebook, other times you get a reaction to something you think is just a general design. It’s funny how it works sometimes, well yesterday I posted a design that I did really like and thought would get some positive comments and that is the way it turned out. That is on facebook, I always post onto balloon chat first but the forum is steadily declining and it’s possibly time to think of a plan B for balloon chat as it will be 10 years on the 1st April that the forum has been running. So the design I posted yesterday, it was a light and shade. Slightly Tiffany looking, to see version one, two and three, Lamp.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I’m guessing it might be the lamp but there might be something
I made a few weeks back that I have forgotten about.
Off to look, be back in a while.
I went with the love heart design I made at Twist & Shout. Thought
that was more appropriate as we are coming up for Valentines day.