3rd November

Today is Balloon Tube Sunday and the tutorial for this month is the Duck, he does actually float in water if you add a blue base. Well you could add any colour base, its the base that is important, he he. Next month we have the two balloon crown that was seen at the official opening of the new children’s play area at Kew Gardens by the Duchess of Cambridge, did you notice the little name drop there? (Insert smiley face here) So we have the Duck this month, the Crown for December and then the Tiger for January. There were all filmed last December in one go, I have already filmed the next six tutorials as well back in August so we are all sorted till July and then need to film a few more episodes to take us up till Dec 2020. The plan at the moment is to get to 100 tutorials and then take a break…………but who knows, things might change or I might change my mind. BalloonTube.

On the Model of the Month over on Balloon Chat for November we have the lizard
step by step instructions. Lizard.

We have a new product in stock over on the website, Chrome Copper. It will be available shortly in 260’s but at the moment we have it only in the 11″ round, Balloon Art Wholesale.

I went to the Kent Magic Club on Tuesday night to see Olivia and Mike’s new magic show they are putting together, Wattle & Daub. It was a very good show for its first outing with plenty of positives to take from it. So well done to you both. Wattle & Daub.

Then Thursday I worked with Danielle at the Halloween street party in Twickenham, it was an excellent event with plenty of things going on for the whole family. This is the second year I have worked it and hoping to make it three in a row next year.

Then last night we went off to London to see a magic show with Lyn, Heather, Olivia, Mike and myself at the Old Operating Theatre and Museum. If you get a chance to visit its very interesting and the spiral staircase to the venue is fun as well. Theatre.

That’s me then for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week,
be right back. I went with the large Paw Patrol build we did last month with
Danielle. There are more pictures to view on the forum, Paw Patrol Pictures.