3rd May

Its BalloonTube Sunday today. I have just posted the Nerf Gun Tutorial, first time I have looked at a tutorial and thought why did I explain it that way. One part was so awkward and I thought of two different ways where it would have been a lot easier to explain. Ooops, oh well these things happen and hopefully its the idea that will spur people on. I was thinking of taking it down and re-filming but got a friend to view it and they said they could not see where I struggled so I have left it up. If you’d like to see the tutorial, Nerf Gun.

My portfolio page is now fully up to date till the end pf 2019. So only a few months behind, a while back it was years behind but I’m gradually adding the designs to the thread. There are
45 pages to view and over 1350 pictures so you might want to grab a coffee before you start looking :-) Portfolio Pages.

My design for the NHS this week was a nurse which did get a lot of likes and shares but not as many as the Paramedic the week before. Yesterday I finished next weeks NHS design, I made a Firemen, originally in a Blush colour as that was closest to the official uniform colour but I had to change it as he did look naked. So we went with Mocha.

We have kept open with the online shop while on lockdown, all our product is at home and the couriers are still delivering. We are being safe and sensible during these times and are expecting a large balloon delivery this week as we are out of stock of a couple of items so hopefully will get these into stock and onto the website later this week. Again if any regular customers are needing product and a little short on pennies then please get in touch and
we can sort payment out for later in the year so you can get the product now, www.balloonartwholesale.co.uk

Every Tuesday we have been having a balloon jam with a couple of my ladies of latex, they have been great fun and we have been having a laugh and also making some nice designs along the way. So if anyone is feeling a little down or lonely then please get in touch with some balloon friends and set up a challenge or a video call to jam. They are fun.

That’s me then for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
Back in a while. I thought we may as well keep the theme going.