3rd February

Well this week we went down to the Isle of Sheppey to twist with Sally, Danielle, Leonie and Bridgett. It was a fun day and Sally made a fabulous lunch, it was very enjoyable.
I have posted a few pictures from the day, Pictures.

Had a nice gig in London yesterday at the Crown Plaza in Kensington. Some of the party was outside but luckily all the balloon modelling was indoors in the warmth.

I have been doing some DIY the past few weeks, painting the loft come study come office, adding new lighting and now fitting a new laminate floor. Its been a bit of a challenge as we have to move a little at a time to paint and lay some flooring and then onto the next section as I have so much up there and so little space available. Probably past the half way point but have to stop for a fortnight as off to the Blackpool magic convention next week and have to do accounts and get ready for the convention.

Still posting pictures onto balloon chat from the Florida super jam, there are over 200 to view at the moment and we might be about half way through. Florida Pictures.

Today is BalloonTube Sunday and tutorial number 59 which is a two balloon cowboy gun, its had a lot of hits today so seems to be very popular. Which is always nice, please pass on links if you can so we can get a few more hits. Please note there are no adverts on BalloonTube so we do not make anything in advertising revenue. BalloonTube.

We do have many special offers on the website as we went through all balloon products and found some 2015/16 bags so have put them at a discount on the website. All the older 260 bags that we have please get in touch as these are not on the website and we will take to a few events we attend during the year and have a few special offers. Balloon Art wholesale.

That’s me for this week then, off to find a random balloon picture of the week.
I made this at the Florida Super Jam.