31st January

Hi all, its me back for another blog.
So we have done a few more Zoom workshops, still on the string of bubbles but also a balloon workshop for the Blackpool magic club. I thought I might have been a little nervous but no I really enjoyed it and had a few joining in. Was nice to see Bob Wooding, now if you are not seriously into balloons I’m sure the name will not mean to much but for those into our artform Bob had one of the best balloon acts ever. Working it for many years around the holiday camps. In fact one of the very first balloon lectures I went to many moons ago was given by Bob and I still remember the venue, where I sat and one of the designs taught. It was a Sausage dog with the head shape made from a 6″ Mocha Brown Heart. Happy memories and nice to see Bob twisting along with the others with the designs I was showing. It rather made my day.

So until 10 days ago I had never done a zoom workshop and now we have done five and have another 4 booked in, the good thing for me is I’m loving doing them. It gives me something to think about, book in, organise and work out how to explain details over a video call.
Happy days xx
I think I need to order zoom pro as the workshops so far I have had to keep to under 40 mins and with that time constraint it does feel I’m under a little pressure, I will be like¬† a semi professional with the zoom pro so that’s an added bonus, he he.

I have a couple of spaces left for this week which is on Flowers if anyone would like to book, all the details can be found here with what will be taught and the other workshops coming up over the next couple of weeks. Balloon Workshops.

It’s model of the month time again, I was thinking of having the new Rose design I came up with 10 days ago but as I’m going to be teaching that on my next zoom workshop thought it best to hold back on that being model of the month. Then thought oh I have the nice Yoda that I originally made in 2018 and I’d go with that. Not realising it was already model of the month in September 2018, oops I had forgotten. This is the Yoda if you’d like to have a go at making him and only from three balloons, Yoda.

So I went with a design that I first made possibly in January 2017 but I’m going from memory here so might be wrong, I know I made a version/variation at both the Twist and Shout balloon convention and the Florida super jam convention which are both in America. Its a pretty simple design but also I like to feel nice and elegant as well. Its the Love Heart design. I have added a Teddy and a Rose to the design so that the design is a base to add to it.
Model of the Month, Love Heart.

I went and had a tooth out at the dentist this week, was a little concerned about it but went not to bad, the worse has been after as I think I have an infection and been taking a lot of pain killers as there was no emergency number to call and speak to someone about it over the weekend. Looking forward to getting this hopefully sorted tomorrow when they open again,
it has been a challenge and woken me up over the past three nights.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the Hippo’s I made this week.