30th Aug

Well it has been a little stressful week due to my internet provider virgin media. They changed servers back in late July and emails stopped coming through, we had to temporarily get them re-routed and then on Wed of this week they moved or adjusted things on the server again and all my websites I was unable to view via my main computer. Luckily I have one of these dongles from 3 mobile that I have had since the year dot, it costs me £5 a month so I think It’s a bargain when it comes to us going away and not having to pay sometimes the £5 an hour fee that a hotel charges for internet. The dongle has also been handy when the virgin set up has been down and came in handy again for a few days this week. We are all back up and running on my main computer again but still struggling to get all my email accounts coming through, looks like we may need to route them away from virgin as one just get a a little fed up with these little problems. In the big scheme I suppose the odd day down now and again is acceptable but this has been going on since I think July 26th.

So what balloon modelling have I been doing this week, well I had a posh wedding to attend last weekend and made the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, that was a nice gig, lovely venue and they supplied us with hot and cold drinks and a sandwich, very nice. The area I was twisting though was on a hill and my two black balloon bags were actually falling over, it was quite a slope. Anyway we managed, for the first five minutes it felt like we were on a ship and being sea sick. Yes it was a hill as on a couple of occasions I had to stop myself from falling over.

Then on Wed Rob and Thelma came up to twist with us, pictures from the day are on balloon chat, Jamming with Rob and Thelma I still have a few more pictures to post so if you do have a look then please come back and see the rest soon.
Things on the list to twist were sharks, minion, alien, tikki, surfboard, Dennis the menace, McDonalds house charities logo and Zakh my grandson twisted all day making a house, beech scene, helicopter and a monster, he loved it. Perhaps he has caught the bug?

So a random balloon to post, I made the princess and Thelma drew on the lovely face and added a little bling.