2nd Oct

Hello………it’s me here and I’m guessing you are there reading.
So what has happened this week? Well I have not had time to finish painting the front of the house, a couple of days I was not about and the others it was either raining or too windy for being at the top of a ladder. I’m sure for someone who does this regularly the wind would not have put them off but it did for me so fingers crossed this week I will be able to finish it off.

Balloon wise I made a few more variations on a theme for the Lion, Lion Pictures.
And from memory I up-scaled a head I made at the London Jam a few months
back to 350’s. I do like the construction of this design. Face Pictures.

On Friday I was working with David Crofts on a large balloon project making a Jet2 plane for a promotion in the Brent Cross shopping centre. We are also doing the same this coming Friday and Saturday in two more shopping centres. They are long days but twisting and having a laugh with Crofty along the way make it a very enjoyable time. I have started a thread on balloon chat and over the coming days will add all the pictures as we both built the design. Jet2 Plane

Had a nice busy weekend with magic shows as well so a nice variation with everything and a busy week next week as well. Getting things ready tomorrow for the drive up to Northampton for the Care & Share day on the 4th Oct. Booking details.¬†Then in the evening I’m doing a balloon lecture for the local magic club and then driving straight home after.
Apart from the plane build on Friday and Saturday I’m then off down to Hastings Sunday afternoon to help Olivia Post with her big build for the Battle of Hastings project that is happening on the 10/11/12th Oct. If anyone would like to help out with the build or perhaps sponsor it then the details are here. Hastings Balloon Project.

This week on my YouTube channel we have the one balloon parrot on a swing, if you could spread the word about BalloonTube that would be great……….Thanks. BalloonTube.

Off to find the random balloon picture for this week,
see you in a minute. I went with one of the Lion’s.
Bye for now xx