2nd June

Hi all, me here. Its BalloonTube Sunday today and I have posted the Elsa/Princess design that
I think is quick enough for line work. This is the 63rd tutorial posted onto BalloonTube. Elsa/Princess.

I have not posted any pictures updating my portfolio thread for a few weeks as been busy making other designs with the Balloon Chat challenge that is into week 12 now I believe.
Its Captain America that we are making next. Balloon Chat Challenge.

There is the Summer Q-Jam in Hayes on the 12 June, there are a couple of spaces left if anyone would like to pop along, Doctor Bob and Keith Stillman are the instructors for the day. Q-Jam.

Then the week after, June 18/19th we have Eric Weinstein over from America running two master classes for “The Balloon Artistes Guild” There are a couple of spaces left but its filling
up nicely. Eric Weinstein.

The 16″ geo blossoms are on special offer on the website, down from £37.50 to £19.99. These will not be a stocked item so once gone they will be special order in only so be quick to grab a bargain. Geo Blossoms.

That’s me for this week, off to find a random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the dress that Danielle, Sally, Leonie, Bridgett and I made
the other week. More pictures are on the Balloon Chat, Dress.
dan dress