29th September

This week will go down in the memory banks as the great flood of 2019. While attending the Kidology magic convention the dealer hall was flooded out due to the constant raining over many hours. You can see a few videos on the Kidology Facebook page, Flood.

I posted a few pictures from the event and the flooding as well onto Balloon Chat.
Magic Convention.
One had to feel sorry for Alec with all the flooding and then one of the lecturers missed his flight and there was problems with the new caterers as well. Still everyone seemed to still be smiling and we did have a laugh in the dealer hall even though we were stranded there for a while due to the river flower outside the doors at both the front and rear exits.

All loaded and off to David Crofts tonight before we go off tomorrow on our world balloon tour of Airdrie on Tuesday and Birmingham on Thursday. Hope to see a few of you there and there
are spaces still available at both venues. World Tour Tickets.

We have been looking into a new venture, printing onto balloons. Our first adventure into this was going to be the double sided happy and crying baby. We thought this was a unique design that no one had out but was informed last minute that this is available in America. We will get in touch and see if it’s ok to continue of if they would prefer us not to make our version of the design. I started a thread on Balloon chat if you would like to see the ideas and designs we have at the moment. There is a video that Danielle made but we have held back on this till
we hear from those who produce the product in the US. Double sided baby face.

We have chrome 260 assorted bags now in stock on the website. Chrome Assorted Bags.

That’s me for this week, off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with a Halloween design that I mad last year for an event.