29th November

Hello everyone XXxx
So this week we did our Facebook live number three with the Sausage Dog design and also the wobbly flower. I’m rather enjoying doing them although this coming week is the last one planned as we come out of lockdown number two. I expect we will try and carry them on but perhaps only once a month or once a fortnight, still deciding. I will put all the links below to all three in case you wanted to view them but be quick as we are not planning on leaving them up for to long.
Facebook One, Motor Bike, Peppa Pig.
Facebook Two, Santa, Christmas Tree.
Facebook Three, Sausage Dog, Wobbly Flower.

I have also posted up my latest BalloonTube tutorial although really we have posted it a week early. They usually go up the first Sunday of the month but as I was promoting my paid for Santa wand I wanted to add it a week earlier just in case someone would like to purchase the tutorial and help us to keep BalloonTube going and also Balloon chat the forum up and online. I have two paid for tutorials at the moment, The deluxe Digger and the large 350 Father Christmas Wand. Both can be found here, Paid Tutorials.

The model of the month for December is the Santa design which I explained on my Facebook live number two, I will be posting the step by step instructions up over the next couple of days, Santa, Model of the Month.

I have also got the page set up for “Buy Me A Coffee” if anyone would like to buy us a coffee or two to help with the running of Balloon Chat and BalloonTube. It would be very much appreciated. Buy Me A Coffee.

We are still out of stock of a few products on the website, because at the moment there are none available in the UK. We do have all the out of stock product on back order and hope to have it all available as soon as possible, if you would like to purchase some supplies then we would very much like to help out if we possibly can, Balloon Art Wholesale. 

We also do sell the Sempertex range on a separate website but if you do purchase from both websites we do adjust the shipping cost and do a PayPal refund for you. Sempertex Balloons.

Off to have a look to see what the random balloon picture of the week will be, apologies the blog is all about advertising for myself. It is difficult times for all which we do appreciate and hope that everyone else is managing to stay afloat and paying the bills .
Take care, till next week XXxx
I went with Bumblebee the transformer,
how we got to this design is on a thread on balloon Chat. Bumblebee.