28th Oct

So this week we have been doing a little DIY and sorting out a few large units at home ready to move a few things about. Our boiler needs to be moved into the loft and I have a stacking unit where it needs to go so we have been going through everything and disposing of a few things and tidying up. Then the main unit in the study is going so we can put a counter worktop in it’s place to pack all the balloon orders we have. I have found things form 20 and 30 years gone by, it’s been emotional but I have been plodding my way through. I also have been reinforcing where the animals live to make sure nothing can get in. A few extra boards, a few extra nails and making sure its pretty secure.

I have also done a littleĀ  balloon modelling, when would I not šŸ˜‰
Been having a go at a Peppa Pig andĀ  Bing Rabbit, they have been
posted onto balloon chat and my Facebook page.

I have also put the step by step instructions up for Peppa Pig as we decided to go with this design for the model of the month for November. Peppa Pig.

We are just about to announce a competition to win a ticket to attend the Blackpool Balloon Bash next March that is sold out. Details are here if you would like to enter,
Blackpool Balloon Bash.

I have also been updating my portfolio thread on balloon chat. We are up to June 2015 so a few years behind but slowly working our way through all the designs. There are over 19 pages to view at the moment with probably 1000’s of pictures to view. Graham Lee Portfolio.

I was hoping to attend the Sempertex Balloon convention that is on Monday and Tuesday this week but was informed its sold out and there were no spaces left. A shame really as I have ben selling the product in the UK from day one.

That’s it from me for this week,
off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the digger that I made way back in March 2015