28th May

I went to the children’s magic convention this week in Oswestry for the Trix in the Stix convention. This was run by Jeremy and Cheryl from practical magic, sadly Jeremy passed away so John and Gary who usually help have stepped up to take over the running of the convention. I have to say it seemed to run perfectly and was a fitting tribute to Jeremy who was a really lovely person and had time for everyone. I have posted a few pictures from the shows and lectures and will post more over the coming week. Trix Pictures.

The rest of the week was just catching up with orders and emails and also putting some products on Ebay to sell. I have put the majority of the Sempertex 260’s on the site at the moment with the price the same as the website but with only £1.50 for P+P as the bags are just 50 count. I will possibly add a few Qualatex items over the coming weeks as well, you have to keep looking for new customers and markets other wise you stand still and ultimately get left behind.

Twisting wise I have added next months competition for model of the month to balloon chat, it will be the pony/horse design and I will be adding the step by step instructions tomorrow. Model of the Month.

I also did a little twisting on a girl/princess design after seeing a model by Martin Gardiner on Facebook that inspired me to try something. Girl/Princess.

Still trying to ge a few more to attend the Bodmin in Cornwall care & Share Balloon day, I don’t think I have worked so hard to get so few attending. It has been a struggle and I will have to think twice about going down to Cornwall again. There are lot’s of factors to take into account and I was not expecting a big crowd due to the chimney pot scenario etc. Anyway enough about my problems, I’m still hoping we can make the day happen so if anyone could share the details that would be great. Care & Share Balloon Days.

BalloonTube is plodding along OK, we have over 700 subscribers and over 14,500 views. Is that good? I’m not sure to be honest but it’s fun to film and come up with a slight variation on some of the designs. Last week was the airplane design and next week we are going back to a one balloon design. BalloonTube.

Off to find a random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the retro 70/s chair that I made a few weeks back.