28th March

I went around to see Zakh this week so he could edit the balloon tutorials for BalloonTube, the next edition is next Sunday and we are deciding which one to post first. All the decisions to make, he he. BalloonTube.

We made a heart design this week for the Balloon Chat challenge and struggled to find out who’s design it was. I had seen it on two Instagram pages but it was neither of these two peoples designs so I made the heart and posted it onto my Facebook wall and within 10 mins four people told us who to credit. It was the Falcone Link made by Alberto Falcone who I do know, oops. Also I was at an event where this was explained as one of the designs was named after his daughter, so a double oops from me. The design came about 21 years ago in 2000. There is a tutorial explaining this so I will add it to the thread in case people would like to purchase. Balloon Chat Challenge.

We went on a walk yesterday, now I did not realise how far it was until we got to Virginia Water but it was a five mile hike, shock horror but I’m not feeling to stiff this morning……luckily. It was a nice walk around with my son and his wife and we stopped for Ice cream and coffee’s on the way so I just about survived, he he. Plus we had a good chat and a laugh while walking around.

I’m back to updating the website today as there was a price increase back on the 15th March, I try to update a section a day as I do get fed up/bored/eye blindness looking at the screen for to long so try to stagger it as we go. I always update the 260’s last, its become a sort of tradition. Balloon Art Wholesale.

We have just four spaces left for the Patrick van de Ven workshop tomorrow night,
if anyone would like to book. Zoom-A-Balloon Workshop.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week.
I went with the heart that is made with the Falcone Link.