28th June

Website update, the migration has begun so fingers crossed we will be moving over to the new server sometime soon. It has taken a while but better to be safe than sorry and we do have a good company sorting out the situation.

We have been trying to catch up with adding my latest designs to Balloon Chat, I was holding off for a couple of weeks posting designs as I thought the change over was going to be pretty quick but as we know this was not the case so I’m trying to add the designs form the past few weeks. It has been a while sorting out and I easily got confused with what I needed to add to catch up with all the designs. I still have a few more to add so hopefully by the end of the week we will be back up to date.

We are open for business if anyone would like to purchase some balloon product from us, we also sell a limited range of foils, bubble balloons and foil numbers now. Plus we have some special offers on the printed hearts and 5″ rounds, Balloon Art Wholesale.

I have been sorting out the model of the month for July, going with a more basic line work Whale that takes 4 balloons to make. Just tweaking the design a little and will post onto the thread during the week. Model of The Month.

I made a Jessica Rabbit a couple of weeks back, it got some very nice comments on Facebook.
I posted it onto Insta yesterday afternoon and it has already doubled the reach of any other picture that I have posted there. And its not been up for a day yet, you get a lot of likes but
very few comment, I’m not sure what Insta is all about really. If anyone could enlighten me to the benefits I would like to know. My Insta account name is, grahamleeballoonart if anyone
wanted to take a look?

I suppose my random picture of the week should be Jessica Rabbit but then its not random
as we have chosen it already :)
Next week its Balloon Tube Sunday and will be a Buzz Lightyear wearable bracelet that we filmed I think back in August 2019. BalloonTube.

I have been adding my one balloon tutorials over onto Facebook, last weeks one balloon Dolphin on BalloonTube has had 944 views in three years and on Facebook in a week
has had 914 views. Again many view like on Insta but no one seems to comment.
This is Jessica with a little bit of photoshop editing 😉