28th July

I have been checking what designs we have filmed and ready to post for BalloonTube, the reason being I filmed quite a few back in December and am not to sure how many are still to go. I made a mistake filming in December as the tutorials are a little on the dark side. I’m going to film a few next week so we get better lighting, the ones still to post are, Crown, Duck, Machine Gun, Pirate Hat, Pumpkin and a Tiger. Then I have to film, Cow, Pug, Buzz, Seahorse, Dinosaur, Nerf Gun, Wrist Flower, Bird, Peppa Pig, Yoda, Heart Plane and a Dog. So plenty to keep us going till the end of 2020. To view the latest tutorials, BalloonTube.

Pioneer are stopping the Caribbean Blue in the 350 size, I have got a few extra bags in while stocks last but they will be selling out soon. So if this is a colour and size you use then perhaps grab a few bags before they become extinct. Caribbean Blue 350.

I have been making Woody and Jessie from Toy Story, its pretty tricky to get the hair and the hat to sit right and look as they are supposed to. I’m pleased with how Woody Turned out but Jessie still needs some work on the hair and Hat. Woody.  Jessie.

I have been promoting “The Twistin Twins” balloon tour, this is David Crofts and I running a workshop up in Airdrie on the 1st Oct and then in Birmingham on the 3rd Oct. Please spread the word if you can as many say to me we don’t go up to Scotland and when we do unfortunately we do struggle with numbers and getting people through the door. I do come up every other year so fingers crossed we do get the numbers in to continue. I’d be happy with 20 people booking and coming along. For more details and to book, Twistin Twins.

I’m working at Blenheim Palace next week at a four day festival, I think I might be rather tired by the end as they are very long days. Still it will be nice to be out twisting and with another twister, this does not happen too often so looking forward to this.

That’s me for this week then, off to find the random
balloon picture of the week.
I went with the pug which is the Model of the Month
for August over on Balloon Chat. The full step by step
instructions are there plus also a larger 350 version
of the design. Pug.