28th Aug

Me again with another little write up about what I have been up too.
I was pleased with the YouTube launch,
well when I say launch we put two tutorials up onto YouTube.
Nothing earth shattering but I was pleased with how many have viewed the two designs and the number of subscribers I have at the moment. If you would like to see the balloon that got me hooked into balloon modelling and also the one balloon rhino that is made with two balloons then this is the link, BalloonTube.
I still have to get a header made for the page, I did try to load a couple up but they were not the correct size as it has to look ok for a computer, mobile device and phone.

I have done a few shows over the summer, not too busy but plodding along. For some reason they have all been balloon related, so yesterday was unusual as it was the first magic show I have performed for over a month. It was at Brooklands museum which is run by volunteers, it did look very interesting with a London transport museum there and all the planes, fighter planes and concorde. That was what I saw from just the outside so more delights I’m sure are awaiting in the hangers. Brooklands Museum.

So I was a little worried about the show, it was for a 40th birthday and I was to entertain just the children while the adults engaged in conversation………….yes one of those. So when we arrived there were not too many children, I think I spotted four, the rest were looking at the planes etc. We get ready to start and I think there were approx. 12 children and just as I’m about to start the waiting staff bring them all an ice cream, he he…………perfect. So I waited a few minutes and made a couple of balloon models so they could finish before we started the show, so the mic goes on and off we go, well within a minute I’m asked to turn the volume down as the adults are wanting to talk, oh dear! We carry on and I can feel the room getting quieter and quieter until  about 15 minutes in all the adults have moved chairs around and are sitting watching and joining in with the show. So that turned out nice and it was nice to get back into performing a magic show. Off today for a small wedding, entertaining 40 with three hours of balloon modelling, this one I think we will need to work hard at and I might even get each table with a small workshop, that is if they are up to it, so wish me luck.

I think I mentioned last week that all the care & share balloon days were now booked and confirmed for 2016,
Lincoln 12th Sept,
Northampton 4th Oct
Manchester 2nd Nov
Birmingham 29/30the Nov
We just have to book a lecturer for 30th Nov and then all is sorted for this year.
If you would like to book onto the days, Care & Share Balloon Days.
Or if you have any questions then please ask away, happy to help.

If anyone has purchased balloons form us for this month, thank you and please have a go at the competition. You can win a balloon modelling DVD if you post your entry. On the forum I have put the step by step instructions up for Pikachu, Competition.

Off to find the random balloon picture of the week,
be right back. Thelma Levett and I made this for a magic club meal.
I think it was back in March. There are some pictures as we built it
posted up onto balloon chat if you would like to take a look, Balloon Wall.
backdrop 5