27th March

It’s Sunday so it must be write a little on the blog time, so this week we are off to the British Juggling Convention up in Perth. It’s a 475 mile journey and the sat nav said it would take 8 hours, well I like to have a break after every 2 hours drive so I expect it will be a good 11 hours by the time I arrive. I have two 2 hour workshops to run, one is on the Saturday and not sure if the other is Thursday or Friday. I travel up on the Wed and set the stall up Thursday morning.
Juggling convention info.

We did a big stock take this week to see what we have about, it’s surprising what you find and did not realise you had.
I think I will have to put a few things on special offer over the coming weeks.

I was going to post an Elephant hat or Tweety Pie as the model of the month but on Friday I came up with a Sausage Dog design I rather like, I posted it onto balloon chat and facebook and it got a rather lot of attention so I changed my mind and the model for April will be the Sausage Dog.

I have a volume one of balloon magic the balloon modelling encyclopaedia that Qualatex have brought out for the past 20 years I believe. Well a few volumes are now out of print and rather sought after so I was planning on either auctioning it off on EBay or running a raffle for it. Half the money being donated to the Balloon artistes Guild and the rest to the Grist family. We have the memorial lecture for David Grist in July so that seems like the appropriate time to do this.

Sabina Kellner is coming over from Austria to run workshops on both days, 5/6th July.
Both days workshops will be completely different, to book.

or you can join the balloon artistes guild, this is the last few days to join on the early bird special. More details about the club can be found here, BAG.

So the random picture for this week will be?
Be right back.
I though it would have been the sausage dog as well but then I saw the basket
that I absolutely love. This was from my big’ish Easter build, I’m still putting the
pictures up on balloon chat if you would like to view. Easter Build Pictures.