27th July

I forgot to update the balloon blog again, oops another slap on the wrist for me. I was working the Croydon festival over the weekend. Really enjoyed it, on the Saturday I was in Queens park opposite the Fairfield Halls in the Circus workshop corner. We had a steady flow of people but not over busy which for me worked well as I could make some nicer sculptures, people were very complimentary which is always nice. The Sunday was a wash out for the rest of the festival as the heavens opened but the children’s section moved into Project B in the centre of Croydon and although a slightly shorter day we all made the most of a difficult situation. I did have to abandon the car and park it up and walk to the venue, I went around Croydon three times but was unable to find the venue due to tram ways and pedestrian only area’s. I was a 5 minute walk away so not too bad and the balloon box is on wheels so all was OK except for the pouring rain. Working at a BBQ tomorrow night so not sure what the weather will have in store for us but keep smiling it’s bound to be fun.

If anyone is attending the Leeds two day spectacular for “The David Grist Memorial Lecture” then we have three days left to book on the early bird special, Memorial Lecture.

The random balloon of the week is a pig, I have been trying to make a model for the real world and think I have finally got one that I’m reasonably happy with. If you fancy a laugh and wish to see some not so good I posted them all onto balloon chat. Pig Pictures.

pig 10