26th September

I did another school fair yesterday down in Pyrford, three short 20 min shows. I usually just
do the same show repeated but tried a different approach yesterday and did three different shows. It was great to be in front of an audience again. Seeing everyone laughing away and joining in with the excitement. It was fabulous and I really enjoyed it, although it was a long walk from the car park to the marquee where the show was. As I was doing three different shows I had to make two journeys rather than my usual one. Still it was worth it and I was absolutely exhausted after, been a while since we have been out entertaining,
looking forward to a few more days like this.

I think we have a big build coming up, only think as it has been put off a couple of times so still not 100% sure what is happening but that will be good to get back to making the large designs with David. Goodness it’s all happening at once.

And then we have the first “Balloon Get Together” on the 12th Oct in Birmingham, it’s only £15 to attend as we wanted to make it affordable for everyone to come along and join in the fun. We have four workshops, with Amanda Smith, David Ellis, Rob Driscoll and myself and then if you would like to join in two fun competitions to win some prizes that we have accumulated over the 18 months since we have been away. Booking details are here,  Balloon Day.

The next Zoom-A-Balloon is a free workshop for those who kindly purchased balloons from us in September. It’s on Tuesday 5th Oct at 7.30 pm. Please get in touch for the meeting ID and password. We will be explaining the Butterfly design that we sent the complimentary packs of balloons out with all orders for this month.

I have finally got a quick line work car design that I’m very pleased with and it will be the model of the month for Oct, we will have this also as a free zoom in early November. Hoping to make them a monthly event if there is enough interest, Zoom Workshops.

We did get a large order in last week so the website is all up to date with product that we do have available at the moment. Balloon Art Wholesale.

Off to find the random balloon for the week, no idea at the moment what it will be.
I went with the Spider I made a few weeks ago as we are coming up for Halloween.