26th November

We had a fun few days this week showing Sam Cremeens around London and then the two day balloon event up in Birmingham. We had an excellent turn out of club members but only two people came to see Sam that did not belong to the club. How to attract people to see what was two fantastic balloon workshops? As they say, answers on a postcard. I think we advertised it well but when it’s a struggle to get people coming to see one of the sought after balloon artistes from the USA………….well what can you do? We tried.

We also met Julie fro Pioneer Europe for the first time, Julie is the new head of marketing for the UK. She came along with Debbie and both spent the day twisting. It seemed like they had fun and hopefully we can work together to promote the days better. I’m looking forward to the new challenge; we are always trying to add to the days to keep them fresh and original.

I have started to post the pictures form the days over on balloon chat, I think it will take a couple of weeks till they are all posted. Sam Cremeens.

I’m still working my way through the pictures from Hamburg, I don’t think we are half way through those at the moment so still a few days/weeks till they are all posted. Hamburg Jam.

We have yet again more problems with the forum, John my web guy would like to move the forum from his servers as he thinks there is a good possibility of the site being hacked. Now as you can imagine I’m not too happy about this, the forum has a very special place in my heart. I used to get help from a forum called www.phpbb-seo.com but when I try to connect with the page I get a code 403 error so assuming that has bitten the dust. The plan at the moment is to see if we can update the forum template as it’s on one that is 16 versions old. Anja and Peter who help Ken Stillman with his Balloon Click site have offered to take a look. At the moment John wants me to move the forum before they look as he does not want anyone searching behind the scenes on his server. So a catch 22 as if the forum is moved files can easily be lost and as like last time it took us ages to find someone who was in the know to get things back. So my plan is to chat with john and see if he will let Peter and Anja take a look to see if they can work on it, if they think not then I will see if John is happy for the forum to stay where it is if we disable anyone from posting except for me. At least it will keep all the info on line and then perhaps I will start up a new forum although that might be more like a blog if it’s only myself posting.

There is no BalloonTube this week but I did post the one balloon sausage dog link this week as I had forgotten about this design, if anyone would like to take a look, One Balloon Sausage Dog.

It’s just about the start of the Christmas season so here is wishing you all get a few shows in and have fun in December, please remember to take a little while for yourselves though and leave time for others.
Off to find the random balloon picture of the day,
I wonder what I will choose?
I went with the Armadillo design that I made.